8th “Regata Interclubes Ría de Pontevedra” sailrace final leg

This year we are participating in the Regata Interclubes Ría de Pontevedra Sailrace as we’ve been doing for many years. But this year there is something different: we are in the lead when there is only one leg left. I feel very happy about that, but at the same time, I’m very nervous about the responsibility of being first before the last leg. We have a lot to lose and the commitment with our sponsor Cobre San Rafael to not to do it.

General Ranking before last leg

What can happen?

Right now there are three boats vying for the final victory: Peregrina – Cobre San Rafael, Mou and Iasi. Iasi is the boat with the least chance to win because they need Peregrina – Cobre San Rafael to do at least in 6th place and Mou to do 3rd. Mou, on the other hand, has more possibilities than it seems, she needs to win the last leg and wait for a Peregrina’s 4th at least. Any other combinations would result in our victory.

It seems far away when we were finishing 45 minutes later than the winner, the genoa bowline knot came loose in the middle of the finish line, or the spinnaker got messed up in the stay… We must remember those things, be concentrated, and give 100% because, of course, nothing has been decided yet.

This is my first post about nautical in English, so all comments, pointing out any mistakes I may have made in nautical language would be appreciated.

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